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The power lies in you KNOWING that there is indeed a great Force that has your back that on its own gives you the courage to keep at it on the battlefield. A truth I had to remind myself a few days ago as I was thinking of giving up.

A Window Of Wisdom

603987_692864170764287_983847540_nWith every internal demon we conquer, another one will surface to try to break us… there will never be an end to the battle, but if you know that Great Spirit and the posse of Angels has your back, you will not fear the darkness, because the power of light will always show you the way.

~ WOW ~

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Unfiltered naive dreams

Tutoring the second year students allows me to interact with young at heart (and everything really), fantasy world (most of the time), naive individuals who’s dreams are not yet influenced by the harsh reality and hardcore facts that have a way of crippling a bold and adventurous spirit. I recently had a rather interesting conversation with a group of friends whom said things that caused some serious self introspection and encouraged me to think as boldly as I used to when I was a child. They were sharing with me how they want to marry rich and were so adamant about the decision. As they were sharing the reasons as to why they felt so strongly about the decision, I tried to understand why that would be the main reason to get married and to say the least I did not agree with their sentiments until I asked if they would consider the ‘potential’ category and law and behold we reached common ground. They shared how they could work with someone who showed that they had vision and knew where they wanted to be or rather who they wanted to be and worked at it. However, they did express that potential or having a vision did not include being an executive in a company. That made me think of how occupying an executive post in a big organisation (someone else company) has become the epitome of success. People have limited their dreams to only stretch as far as occupying that hot seat in the corner office with a balcony (if lucky). The group of students blatantly expressed this to be stagnancy hidden by the illusion of five or six digit pay cheques and benefits that will extend to reach two or three generations down the line and nothing beyond that. To an extent they were right as that illusion fuels the paralysis of that unfiltered and bold dream a person might have had while growing up. I do acknowledge however that some peoples dreams are to occupy that executive position and there is no problem with that dream but for those who it was not should not fall into a trap that paralyses that childhood dream and believe that those type of positions are the best and as good as it gets.

Come let me upgrade you

I remember my high school teachers always used to say it is easy getting to the top or getting that ‘A’, the problem is staying at the top. I never used to understand as I would think do they know how much work it takes to get that ‘A’. I soon realised what they meant and boy oh boy it is indeed hard. It is so easy to be a one hit wonder ask TLC, but to remain on top of your game as the nature of the environment amongst other things drastically changes is another challenge all together that requires persistence and consistency. Not just consistency in the things that enabled you to get to the top but being innovatively consistent to suit the direction the environment is changing so you always in the lead. So many people work so hard to get to the top and once they are there, comfortability becomes the name of their game, thinking they have made it thus that is the end of the journey and as a result their lives twirl downside slowly but surely. It is so easy to be ordinary >>> Think you are extra ordinary and stop refining and upgrading yourself and you are well on your way to ordinaryville. This year I have had the opportunity to be a part of workshops facilitated by different agencies and companies in my career field and they all emphasised how it does and shouldn’t stop with degrees but people should always be in upgrade mode. They should always seek ways and opportunities to better themselves and their crafts be it through attending workshops, taking mini courses, reading books or sources that will ensure that you never just merely ordinary. There is always a next level to reach and we should always strive to achieve more than what we have, so we don’t become one hit wonders. This notion inspired me to take up reading as I am not much of a reader, so in my journey to ensure that I don’t become just an ordinary being I have challenged my self to read the following books.

# The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho
# Battlefield of the mind- Joyce Meyer (I’ve been meaning to read this for a while just never got around to reading it)
# The 22 Immutable laws of branding: How to build a product or service into a world class brand – Al Ries & Laura Ries
# A new earth- Eckhart Tolle
# Living beyond your feeling- Joyce Meyer
# The defining decade – Dr Meg Jay
# Change your words, change your life- Joyce Meyer
# Life after life – Kate Atkinson
# Emotional branding: The new paradigm for connecting brands to people – Marc Gobe

These are just a few that I would like to start reading immediately. Please suggest others that you reckon are good reads.

The most fascinating person I never met

Sitting on the front row, embracing my hysterical sister whom I had just met for the first time 3 hrs earlier, I kept thinking to myself, she seems like she was a lovely person. On The 27th of July I experienced one those challenges you never plan nor prepare for but life just throws at you in your quest to fulfilling your dreams an example of those I had mentioned in the post appreciating the process. I am usually somewhat in control of my thoughts but that day I swear all sorts of thoughts were brewing in my mind. So there I was trying to analyse and attach everyone’s attributions about the woman who carried me for nine months and who she was to them to make up or fill up the empty slots of unanswered questions I had been carrying and for the last part of my childhood years managed to put in that box that sits at the corner of a dark room that is hardly opened. There was a common thread that ran throughout all those speeches that in a sense made up the theme for that day. “She was always smiling”. “Never raised her voice”, “She was a pleasure to be around”, “She was lovely to work with”. All these synopsis  from people I did not know and some which I did, held some value on the conclusion I would carry with me for the rest of my life with regards to what type of person my mother was. I mean, in this context they were credible, they had to be. They were closer to her than I was or I will ever be.

So the theme I picked up on at my mother’s memorial service was that she was a my fascinating person mother whom I never met. The hardest part of that analogy was I would never get a chance to meet this my fascinating  person mother and that realization brought about all sorts of emotions >> anger, guilt, bitterness and suddenly that overwhelming peace that surpasses all understanding. Yes, peace because the scripture Romans 8:28 suddenly resonated in my spirit and I was reminded that all things work together for good. It quickly changed my perception towards the whole situation because I then viewed the cup as half full and started appreciating the good. That little positivity that came out from this tragic loss which was family and siblings reunited.  Reuniting with my siblings or should I say uniting as it was the first time I met them. Meeting them gave me a whole new reason to life and added to the reasons I need to keep chasing those dreams. She definitely was a fascinating person and now I get the chance to see and experience the little bits of who she was through my siblings.

My new loves :)

The power of ‘Circles’

So we all know that people are highly influential, their ideologies, perceptions in and of life and simply the way in which they do things as they easily rub off especially around people they spend a considerable amount of time with. Or not! Social media has broken those boundaries, I mean people speak and act like Rihanna or bringing it close to home Bonang and yet they have never spent a day in their lives with them. I guess the saying ‘Birds of the same feathers flock together’ would somewhat apply in these cases. I used to wonder how 8/10 ‘clicks’ would behave in similar ways or be so alike, I mean we surely can’t all be that similar :/? Well that was till I realised that it is merely a group of people adopting each others behavaroul systems.. No, not a DURR moment  because if we consciously thought about it, chances are we would not be in some of the cirlces we in.  In most cases it is the most dominant personalities in a group that will somewhat unconsciously dictate the way the group should act or rather will act. This is a hard truth one cannot run away from because there are high  chances that minds which are always together will process information in similar patterns which is not necessarily a bad thing but it all comes down to who you are affiliating yourself with. A few years ago I consciously made a decision as to which cricles of people I would affiliate with. I chose to be amongst people who will continously stimulate my mind, opening it in up to new opportunites and avenues it was not exposed to before. Circles that would inspire me to positively shift priorities and take journeys on roads seldomly used and NO that does not entail looking for that next big party we could be VIP’s or be  on the guest list  but rather avenues that will bring positive growth in all areas of my life and furthermore help me  realise that success is in reach. 

Look at the people around you and in your circles because believe it or not, they do have a hand in determining where and what you are presently and most importantly where you will be in the future. Are they a positive or negative influence on you and your destiny? Be mindful the circles you are in because they have a great impact on you future. 

Pot of GOALS.

I am not particularly a big soccer fan, I usually keep up with the scores (sometimes) to be somewhat knowledgeable on what is going on and add two cents in conversations should soccer be a topic which in most cases it is. However, in contrast I religiously followed the Nedbank Keyona cup competition where a group of scouts went to every province in search of raw football talent. Once selected, the talented footballers are given a chance to test their skills against one of the biggest soccer clubs in South Africa.  I  did not follow the competition particularly for the sport itself but the hope it brought  the young men who joined the competition. The Nedbank Keyona cup competition served as that rare opportunity these young men had to live their dreams. The seasons finale was the highlight of the show and the most emotional for me as tears rolled down my face for each of the names called to form the main Keyona team that was going to play against Kaizer Cheifs. I cried because I had watched them move from that gifted and ambitious boy from the village who did not know how he would make it out of those dusty streets, seized a rare opportunity that was a difficult journey on its own as many were talented and required continuous determination and perseverance and ultimately were rewarded for their hard work.  Making not only their parents proud but the whole village as they were that glimmer of hope. This show reminded me how opportunities, big or small will always be presented in a person life and it is the individuals responsibility to identify them, seize them and make the best out of them. This show further ignited self introspection and I realised how I had been taking opportunities presented to me for granted by choosing what I feel I am worth and discarding everything else I thought was unsuitable. I was reminded that there is a thread in opportunities and the so called ‘unsuitable small’ ones in most cases lead to that big one we dream about. Plus one foot in the door is better than not being inside at all. Opportunities are literally at every corner, all one has to do is seize them!!

Appreciating the process.

In the previous posts I have been focusing on the rewards of hard work I plan on reaping one day, soon I hope. I have been sharing some of the reasons I wake up each morning and work hard even when my body is aching and my mind is convincing me how drowning in my blankets for one more hour would be the best decision on that cold winter morning. I realised though how I can not keep talking about the rewards without mentioning the nature of the process or journey that leads to fulfilling those #mustSOMETHINGlists.  In most cases it is not the smoothest, easiest, bump free, challenge and hurdle free journey (EVERY ONE HAS A STORY TO TELL RIGHT?). So one has to not only overcome what ever their journey throws at them but has to continuously triumph through the daily struggles the process proves to freely give away. Daily struggles including always choosing the right (HARD) way as opposed to the multiple short cuts, instant gratifications and easy way outs that are presented to you in every corner. Being content with the lane you are in, the lane you choose (while watching others speed right past you )and most importantly keeping the dream alive and acknowledging that every step towards your dream (even small ones) count for something .The journey has a tendency of continuously shredding off what you will not need in dreamville (YES PEOPLE ARE INCLUDED IN THE SHREDDING MACHINE) and I’ve learnt not to question such as in most cases I usually kinda understand and kinda appreciate the shredding machines gesture. Reasons for the KINDA I guess is our nature as human beings to try and get back “things lost in the fire”.  The process definitely requires one to have zeal, be fixated on the BIGGER picture, continuously look at the glass half full rather than half empty and yes that includes acknowledging that there will be stormy days on that road but appreciating that they are there to bring out the best in you.  I’ve created a #mustAPPRECIATElist for the current phase of my journey that will make the steps I am taking a little easier.

#Appreciate the late nights doing assignments

#Appreciate the early mornings waking up and going to work

#Appreciate the walks you take from Oxford road to Jan Smuts ave

#Appreciate the weekends (Saturday &Sunday) you spend with group members






Dare to dream


I would have never lived if I did not go to the only country in the world where you have to have a certain amount in your bank account. No, I am not talking about an amount that will serve as confirmation  to the authorities that you do intend on returning on your country of origin but in fact one that reflects your wealth or rather how much you are worth. Not every Tom, Ben and Bozzo can enter the majestic Monaco gates! Monaco is known for its splendid scenery, gambling facilities, luxurious yachts actually it is total opulence of everything!  Some of the main attractions are the pebbled Larvotto beach located not far from the glamorous Monte-Carlo casino which was used in some of the James Bond movies. The most prestigious car races are held in Monaco and is a marvel to watch as the country has twisting, tight cornered roads.

Larvotto beach
Larvotto beach

yatch monaco

Larvotto-beach2Monte Carlo Casino
Monte Carlo casino

Monaco 2